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TPANZ - A New Union For The NZ Education Sector

Teachers Professional Association of New Zealand (TPANZ) is a new union in New Zealand catering to everyone in the education sector, who are looking for an alternative to the NZEI or PPTA.

Until now, the only options for those in the education sector were NZEI (for ECE and primary school staff) and PPTA (for post-primary staff), or no union representation.

Jack McGuire and Rachael Mortimer from TPANZ join Penny Marie on Pendulum to explain why they saw the need for an alternative union in NZ, that was not politically affiliated, and can therefore provide a neutral, supportive service for those who wish to join.



TPANZ offers lower membership fees and faster service than existing education sector unions.

Contact TPANZ at https://tpanz.unions.co.nz/
NZ Unions https://www.unions.co.nz/

Stuff article referred to - 18 Feb 2024: https://www.stuff.co.nz/nz-news/350182750/rival-unions-teachers-nurses-and-doctors-launched-anti-vaccine-figures

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