Protection without the politics

We are run by teachers, not union officials. Zero party politics means lower fees and complete focus on achieving meaningful outcomes for our members.
As New Zealand's most affordable union, our members save on fees compared to other unions, without sacrificing protection or peace of mind.

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Changes for Red Tape Stricken Early Childhood Services

Long overdue changes in the Early Childhood Sector are welcomed by some but raise concern for others. What really needs...

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TPANZ - A New Union For The NZ Education Sector

Teachers Professional Association of New Zealand (TPANZ) is a new union in New Zealand catering to everyone in the...

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The Real Impact of Teacher Shortages

There is no doubt, New Zealand classrooms are facing a crisis, and the situation will likely get worse as the year...

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The Teachers' Professional Association of New Zealand (NZ TEACHERS' UNITED INCORPORATED - NZBN
9429051243456) is a union whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of members in matters concerning their employment or professional engagement. No membership fees are used to support any political party, so we are able to source and/or provide representation for all members, on all issues.

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